About Depoevi

Depoevi is an insured warehouse service that has been developed for all your storage needs for the safe and professional storage of your goods in our mobile or fixed storehouses, whose keys are only available to you.

Three types of storage are offered to the users. These are;
a) Storage on the Pallet
b) Mobile Storage
c) Fixed Storage

Storage on the Pallet;

It is the method of keeping the goods in the package on the pallet, which has the dimension of 80 * 120 cm and approximately 1.5 m3 capacity, that is called Euro Pallet. In the same way, one-piece and single piece on the special pallet that sits on the floor with measurement 260 cm * 120 cm and with a height of 160 cm

What Is Depoevi?
What Is Depoevi?

What Is Depoevi?

Mobile storages;

are completely metal container storages with the volume of 5.7 m3 whose inner layers are 137 cm * 204 cm and height 204 cm. These Mobile Depots are brought by our private vehicle to the address of our user, where the packed and packaged goods are placed into the mobile storage. The list and statement of them are made. The key is given to the renter and it is sealed. Then, the Mobile Storage is transferred to our Depoevi for storage.

Fixed Storage;
is a 20 Feet ship container and its ground measurements are 220 cm* 600 cm and height is 220 cm. The inner volume is 34 m3. The keys to these Fixed Storages are always kept by the renters. The Fixed Storages are inside Depoevi that is fully closed. This field is accessed via magnetic card.

* All areas of Depoevi are recorded by IP thermal cameras 24 hours a day. It is protected within the site with 24 hours security that has a thief alarm and notification system.

* Fire detection and fire extinguishing systems are available in storage areas. The storage area and customer items are UNDER the GUARANTEE of INSURANCE.

DEPOEVİ also offers PARTIAL STORAGE for corporate users.

What Is Depoevi?
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