Storing Household Goods

Storing Household Goods

We often do not have the habit of researching if there is enough storage space among our home search habits while choosing our living area. We have other priorities such as closeness to school, our work and how much daylight it takes. That's why we do not think if our home or office will meet our storage need. We start to use an area of the house for a while for the storage purpose but later it comes to a level where things get out of control.

Items that are special to you but you do not use very often are taking up the space of your living areas. To find a solution, you can usually use areas such as your house garage, rooftop, apartment basement. These areas are not suitable for storing your items and will continue to narrow your living spaces. The fact that it is not safe and no precaution is taken against flooding, dust, humidity, damp are the disadvantages of these types of storage.

In recent years, personal household warehousing has been a popular and preferred storage option in our country. It is an often preferred and cost-effective storage option especially in major cities such as Ankara and Istanbul.

It is a solution that you can safely store for a long time by selecting the space required to store the household item. It is protected 24 hours by special camera technologies. As Depoevi, we take your belongings from your house with our team expert in the field and then deliver them back to you anytime you wish. You need to see the status of your products in the storage area and to have the key to your storage.

As Depoevi, we are following a very sensitive policy in this regard. Your products are as important to us as they are to you. We never compromise on the necessary technology and staff to safeguard your possessions day and night so that you find your belongings the way that you have left them.

The humidity and temperature controlled storage has all the necessary equipment to store the goods.

What are the advantages of storing excessive house/office goods in Depoevi?
1. It is 100% safe storage option.
2. It is protected 24/7 by the camera system and fast alarm system.
3. Metal container is used instead of wood storage area.
4. Insurance assurance and guarantee are available.
5. Online storage renting advantage is available.
6. It has the advantage of online management of storage.
7. Credit card payment, wire transfer and payment at the door options are used.
8. Special packaging products are presented.
9. The most appropriate transportation and storage options are offered. It provides service at 10.5750 m2 closed area.

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