Partial Storage

Partial Storage

Partial Storage

In today's conditions, it is quite costly to provide the conditions that are needed to create your own storage. You will have to deal with tiresome and costly tasks such as storage installation, storage maintenance, security requirements, cleaning expenses and forklift operations. Depoevi, which gathers storage options such as partial storage, storage on pallet, fixed storage and mobile storage etc. presents all these services to you under the same roof.

What is Partial Storing?

Partial storage, which is one of the modern stacking and storage methods, is a storage based on partial or departmental sharing of a particular depot or enclosed area. Goods stored in parcel, box, pallet or net are classified according to their number, volume or weight and stored in common areas. Partial storage, which provides additional options to mobile storage facilities, simplifies the workflow of corporate companies. "Depoevi", which has an important place among partial storage companies in Ankara, allows you to meet both your individual and corporate needs at charming prices and in a safe manner. Depoevi, which is located in Ankara and has a closed area, makes it possible to store all goods and products, especially furniture, insured, safely and under the right climate conditions.

How is Partial Storing Done and What is the Advantage?

Partial storage, which is often preferred by corporate companies, offers companies the opportunity to save both time and money. Nowadays, the optional field selection and extra service privileges, have increased the appeal of partial storage. The pricing of the storage service according to the total product, not the total area within the storage can be shown as the main advantages of the partial storage service.

The area, where the partial storage will be done, is determined based on the type of material to be stored, unit weight, volume, measurements and characteristics. The goods and belongings arrayed according to the methods such as stacking, traditional storage or on the palette are insured against all kinds of risks. Keeping the same types of products registered with the barcode system in similar storage also ensures that the storage conditions are more homogeneous and safe.

What is Pallet Storing?

Pallet storage systems with different rack configurations, such as drive-in or back-to-back, easily provide the support needed for vertical storage with ease. Pallet storage, which is very cost-effective in terms of energy, provides flexible solutions for users. Thanks to the closed or semi-closed storage options, it is also possible to stock suitable for different materials. Products, which are easily stacked by means of forklifts, can be transferred to different units quickly by being put on the pallet.

Pallet storage systems offer you the facility of multiple storages with affordable prices. Thanks to the new generation automation and logistics infrastructure, you can create a supply network in a practical way and you can effortlessly increase your mobile storage capacity. You can easily reach Ankara pallet storage and partial storage services through Depoevi.

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