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What Is Depoevi?

Depoevi is an insured warehouse service that has been developed for all your storage needs for the safe and professional storage of your goods in our mobile or fixed storehouses, whose keys are only available to you.

What are the rates of transportation?

You can get information about our transportation prices at

Do you provide service for packaging my belongings?

Yes. We provide the service of packaging all of your small belongings (clothes, plates, glasses, books, ornaments, textile goods etc.) We provide this service at least 2 work days prior to storing. It is not carried out on the same day with storing.

Is the contract mandatory?

Each customer must sign a contract for storing of belongings. The contract validity period is limited by the storage period.

How will I do the payments?

You can choose from the options of cash or installment payment. You can make installment payments or wire transfer with your credit card on our website. You can also pay in advance with payment at the door.

What happens if there is a delay in my payment?
1. In case there is any delay in your payment, firstly our accountant will give you an oral or written notice.
2. In case your payment is delayed for 60 days, your file will be forwarded to the legal process department for follow-up.
3. In case your payment is not made despite these warnings, the legal follow-up procedures are initiated within 90 days.

What is Mobile Storage?

They are completely metal container storages with the volume of 5.7 m3 whose inner layers are 137 cm * 204 cm and height 204 cm. These Mobile Depots are brought by our private vehicle to the address of our user, where the packed and packaged goods are placed into the mobile storage. The list and statement of them are made. The key is handed to the renter. Later, the Mobile Storage is transferred to our Depoevi in protection.

Can I get my belongings from the storage by means of another transport company other than Depoevi?

Yes. You can take your goods by means of a transport company other than Depoevi with the condition of giving a notice 1 week in advance.

Can I request material for packaging my belongings?

You may need boxes, stretch films, air nylons and auxiliary packaging materials for a more protected storage and keeping your belongings in the best possible way. You can determine these needs online on or buy them by informing our company.

My contract has expired, what should I do?

When your contract expires, your contract will be renewed automatically unless you inform Depoevi to do otherwise.
If you do not intend to renew your contract, you need to call us before the expiry date of the contract and let us know the date you will take your storage or recall your goods from the customer panel on our site.

Do you accept any other way of payment rather than credit card?

If you cannot or do not want to pay by credit card, you can pay the rent for the first month via wire transfer or with cash by hand. In the following months, you can continue making payments by hand or via wire transfer at the beginning of each month. You can use the online payment option on our site to avoid all these follow-up issues.

Do you provide service for packaging my belongings?

Storage On Pallet: Depth 0.80 m x Height 1.6 m x Width 1.2 m You can keep the goods that you do not use often, your sports equipment, your children's toys, your suitcases, your decorations and kitchen supplies, winter tires and even seasonal clothes that you do not use.

Mobile Storage: Depth 2.04 m x Height 2.04 m x Width 1.37 m You can store your boxes, suitcases, beds, washing machines or demountable furniture.

Fixed Storage: Depth 6.00 m x Height 2.60 m x Width 2.40 m 20 Feet ship container and the ground measurements are 220 cm * 600 cm and height 220 cm. The internal volume is 37 m3. The keys to these Fixed Storages are always kept by the renters. The Fixed Storages are inside Depoevi that is fully closed.

Can I bring my belongings myself? -can I receive them back?

Of course. At any time, you can receive back your belongings by contacting us and making an appointment through our website or at our telephone number 0312 256 8181.

What should I do when I want to receive back my belongings from Depoevi?

Firstly, you should not have any unpaid bills. You can retrieve them back by using the recall button onşlerim section or by creating an appointment record from customer service. You are required to be present at the address with your contract and key.

Would it be a problem if I wanted to leave before the date written on the contract?

No. In case you want to retrieve your storage before the date specified in the contract, it will be enough to let us know.
If you have made an annual payment, the time you spent in Depoevi will be calculated and the difference will be refunded.

Is the website of safe to make payment?

YES, in case you prefer to make payment on, it is protected by SSL Certificate and your bank with 3D Security System.
Your credit card information is integrated with your bank's Virtual POS system. As stated in the privacy policy, does not keep your credit card information in your system in any way.

How does storage service work?

You make an order via internet or on the telephone, the date of appointment is mutually determined according to your preference. On the date of appointment, we bring your storage to your door and your belongings are loaded in the storage by being packaged. Then we lock the door and give its key to you. We take it to our storage and keep it in our safe areas. You can recall and receive your belongings any time you want.

What should I do if I need some of my belongings?

In case you need it, we provide the service of "Fetch and Carry". In the Fetch and Carry service, your mobile storage is brought to your door and the belongings you need can be given to you and the new ones are put in their places by our team. The price of Fetch and Carry is 250 TL + VAT for each mobile storage.

Can I make a contract in the name of another person?

The contract must be made in the name of the person whose belongings will be put in the storage. If the contract is made on behalf of someone other than the person whose belongings are stored, all necessary transactions and bills relating to the storage are made only on behalf of the person or company named in the contract.

How can I update my information details?

If your information details change, you can inform us by sending an e-mail to or calling us at the call center number 0312 256 81 81.

How can I determine the number of the containers that I need?

1. You can determine it on the website or by free on-site expertise.

2. You can specify the number of containers that you will need by sharing your list of items to be stored with our call center.

3. You can specify the number of containers that you will need by sending the list of the items to be stored to our e-mail address.

What should I do when I want to go and see my belongings or take something from my storage?

Informing us 48 hours in advance, you can come to the main storage where your storage is located from Monday to Saturday between 09:00-18:00. If you want to take or unload all of your items in your storage, you need to create an appointment record online or by calling our customer service one week in advance.

Can I store everything? Is there anything you do not store?

According to the storage and stacking requirements, everything can be stored in our storages except for the following: dangerous, toxic, flammable, burning, organic and inorganic substances, radioactive materials, explosives, all kinds of licensed or unlicensed weapons, insecticides and insecticidal substances, organic and inorganic substances attracting pests and insects, illegal, dangerous substances, which is harmful to health or contains humidity, that can harm people, harmful substances that threaten storage area and other storages, money, precious stones and mines, antiquities with high value.

I cannot find my key. What happens then?

The storage key is delivered to each customer when the contract is signed. If you have lost or cannot find your storage key, we follow the lock breaking procedure. We request the amount of 250 TL for lock breaking per storage.

Is my storage special for me? Can anyone else access it?

The storages rented are special for you. You become the only authorized person once your belongings are loaded in it and the key is delivered to you after locking it. No one has the authorization of opening your storage other than people that you specify.

Are my belongings safe?

Your belongings are insured from the moment they are loaded on our vehicle. It is protected in an area with 24 hours security that has night vision camera and alarm systems. Your belongings are always under guarantee in Depoevi, in which it is humid-free, mold-free and resistant to heat and cold, measures against pests are taken.

Can I rent multiple storage units at the same time?

Yes! You can rent as many storages as you want.

Can I change the capacity of the storage that I rent when I want?

Yes. When you wish, you can call the customer service to convey your request for increasing or decreasing the capacity of your storage you have rented.

Can I add items to my storage any time that I want?

Yes, you can. If you want to add items to your storage, you can add items by requesting an appointment from our customer service representative. You can also add items to your storage by recalling your storage to your address via our fetch and carry service.

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