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Enterprise Storage

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Easy Transportation
Our warehouse located on Ankara -İstanbul road will provide convenience for your logistics operations.
No Time Restriction!
You can receive our storage service for any period of time.
No Area Restriction!
Flexible storage options and large storage areas.
No Surprise and Unnecessary Costs
You are not hard to bear the surprise costs after starting the business. Everything is fixed from the beginning with the contract Also, our team and equipment are always at your service.
Goods Acceptance and Delivery Service
You can easily solve loading and unloading of your products with our professional employees and equipment.
7/24 Safety and Temperature-Humidity Control
7/24 private security guards and a large number of cameras throughout the day kept safe in the site, temperature values are monitored daily, pest control are controlled monthly, moisture-free snd clean.Your products are safe in a regular and modern area.
Organizational Storage
Depoevi aims to reduce the total costs of its customers during all their corporate operations and aims to improve this process.

With our expert team and modern equipment we are your solution partner during institutional storage and logistics.

For further information, please contact our customer service at 0312 256 81 81 or fill out the following Corporate Contact Form.
Office Storage
You can store all your office belongings in the Depoevi. You can create space for new workspaces, create more comfortable and spacious workspaces. You can also access your belongings at any time.


You can fill out and send form for application and information.
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