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How to Determine the Prices of Item Storing?

Storage areas for storing belongings are insured and special for individuals. You can use the storage renting steps to get price information about our storage options. Our system calculates the storage on pallet price, mobile storage price and fixed storage price by offering you the most appropriate More

How secure is Depoevi in storing items?

The warehouse uses the latest technology and expert staff required for the safety of your belongings. Our storage is specially protected by 7/24 camera system. In addition, we safely store your goods with 24 hours private security and our lock systems special for your storage in the site with a single... More

Storing Household Goods

We often do not have the habit of researching if there is enough storage space among our home search habits while choosing our living area. We have other priorities such as closeness to school, our work and how much daylight it takes. That's why we do not think if our home or office will meet our storage... More

Partial Storage

Partial StorageIn today's conditions, it is quite costly to provide the conditions that are needed to create your own storage. You will have to deal with tiresome and costly tasks such as storage installation, storage maintenance, security requirements, cleaning expenses and forklift operations. Depoevi,... More

Goods Storage Service

Stepping into a new life brings both excitement and anxiety. You may feel at unease due to excessive goods during the moving process. However, the ideal solution is to keep your belongings in a place where they will be safe, carefully protected and accessed whenever you want. So is such an option possible?... More

Insurance and Security

Insurance and Security More

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